WANTED: Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agency Assistant!

Johns Family Insurance is seeking an Agency Assistant. This is a NEWLY created position enabling us to help our customers and prospects more quickly and efficiently at the first point of contact. Both currently licensed Property/Casualty agents and unlicensed individuals are encouraged to apply- we will pay for all training to get licensed if not currently.

*We do not require masks, vaccinations, or pants (just kidding on the pants!)

* We are located in Dobbs Ferry, NY. You must be able to get to work reliably.  There is potential for flexible and remote work.

*Work hours are 8:30 am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, with one hour for lunch. We can offer some flexibility for the right candidate.

*Because we are in the customer service business, additional hours may be required as needed.

* You must get to work on time, period. You know yourself, so be honest right now. If you can’t get to work on time, please don’t bother applying.

*You must have excellent computer skills and be open to increased automation of all tasks. We strive to eliminate paper wherever practical. While you do not need prior experience with electronic filing, you won’t be happy here if you are addicted to paper or afraid of computers or automation.

*You must have a positive, upbeat attitude. In many cases, you are the first person a prospect or client meets or speaks with. A first impression is a lasting impression.

*You must be committed to work when at work. We do have a friendly environment but it is work which is why we pay you. If it was all fun, we’d have to call it an amusement park and charge you to be here.

*You must be willing to follow procedures. Some things need to be done a certain way. Other things may require creativity and personal choice. When there are procedures, you must be able to follow them.

*You must be honest and ethical too.

*You must be willing to follow procedures. Some things need to be done a certain way. Other things may require creativity and personal choice. When there are procedures, you must be able to follow them.

*You must be comfortable working alone and staying on task as sometimes you will be the only one in the office.

*You must be detail oriented and able to prioritize multiple tasks

If you’re still reading at this point, here’s some information about the job itself. You do not need experience in all the areas, but the more the better of course.

About the Job- Responsibilities include:

* Answer the phone, respond to prospect and client needs.

* Accurately complete quote intake forms.

* Check general office email inbox throughout the day and handle within your authority or route email to correct person.

* Process incoming & outgoing mail, including properly sorting and distributing policy or customer-related correspondence. ‘Mail’ includes retrieving policy correspondence that is available electronically.

* Scanning and faxing documents.

* Help ensure the data in our management system is current by 1) running routine reports and updating based on the reports and 2) confirming customer address, cell phone and email address on all calls and updating accordingly.

* Use the agency management system to find customers, create customers, create policies, document phone calls and activities, create tasks, attach scanned documents and other policy or customer-related tasks. The management system is our central database for customer information.

* Perform customer service tasks (whether by phone, fax, in person, email or other electronic method), such as answering billing questions, answering policy/coverage questions, processing customer payments, making policy changes, providing documents the customer requests, and submitting claims. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a really good start.

* Use our carriers’ systems to research up to date customer and policy information, including billing.

* Review and follow up on pending changes, correspondence and cancellations weekly.

* Efficiently and effectively complete quotes and follow up with potential customer, including adding quoted prospects into our system.

*Complete and submit applications.

* Process newly issued policy, checking for accuracy and making sure the client’s online file includes all correct contact information and policy documentation.

* Process daily downloads in management system.

* Assisting with agency marketing as needed such as suggesting content, sharing agency content on social media, promoting events, handing out marketing literature and volunteering to help at our sponsored events.

* Any other clerical or support tasks as requested. In other words, whatever we need done related to the business.

If you think you qualify and would enjoy this job, then here is some information about us and our benefits:

We are an independent retail insurance agency.

We’ve been in business and been family-owned since 2012.

This is an entry level position and pays depending on prior applicable experience and skills level with opportunity to earn more if insurance licensing is obtained.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please send your resume with a cover letter and your salary requirements to

The cover letter should explain, IN DETAIL, WHY you feel you are qualified for and want THIS position. (HINT: don’t send me a form cover letter.)

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Dobbs Ferry

DO NOT apply via any other method (no phone calls or walk-ins as we will not accept these). We anticipate receiving a lot of responses to this job posting. So, we need you to do it this way. Thanks.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: depending on prior applicable experience






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