How You Can Prepare Your Life When Expecting a Child With a Disability

Being an expectant parent is full of anticipation of the joys that come with a newborn. When a physical or mental disability is diagnosed, however, you may also find yourself dealing with some anxiety about how to take the best possible care of your baby. This worry is perfectly normal, but there is a lot you can do to prepare yourself and your home for your little bundle of joy.

Modify the Home

Home is where the heart is, and for a newborn with a disability, it can be a sanctuary. Home modifications will depend on your little one’s needs. If they are going to use a wheelchair when they’re older, the changes should emphasize navigability. It’s never too early to widen doorways or remove carpeting that could impede movement. Bathrooms will also be a central part of your child’s life, so install devices like grab bars, and switch out faucets with pull alternatives. Adaptations do not have to focus on physical abilities. Assistive technology can be particularly valuable for your newborn whether they have a physical or mental disability. They might include alarms and adaptable lighting, but they could also extend to study aids to facilitate learning in the future.


Thinking about finances is tiresome for any parent, but you may have additional concerns regarding your little one. These include medical costs, equipment, and home modifications necessary to support your little one’s disability. Specialized daycare, service animals, and time off work are other possibilities. Take these into account when you’re calculating basic costs like food and clothing. Once you have an estimate of your projected expenses, you can start to build a budget. Establish a monthly savings target, and cut expendable expenses where you can. Reach out to charitable organizations, too, as they may have valuable information on what sort of financial support you’re eligible for in addition to government assistance.

Future Planning

Expecting a bundle of joy may not seem like the time to be thinking about the distant future, but planning for it is a must. That means putting your affairs in order should the worst happen. It’s not an easy topic to think about, but it’s essential to secure your newborn’s care. You should research the benefits of different insurance policies and how they’ll work with wills, trusts, and medical coverage. For instance, a payout from a burial insurance policy can account for a number of expenses. It can finance a funeral, but it can also help deal with debts accrued from medical treatment. Bring in a lawyer to assist your family in developing a will or special needs trust to ensure that they are written with your little one’s long-term care in mind. Creating a trust can be beneficial, as it can help ease any concerns you might have about your baby’s eligibility for federal insurance programs, such as Medicaid.

Your Needs

Preparing for your own well-being should begin when you’re pregnant. This is a time to mentally accept the changes that come with having children. There’s no getting around the fact that various aspects of your life will be affected, yet you can make adjustments so that you can invest in your emotional and physical health while still being a devoted parent. Think about how you will make time for self-care. How will you exercise while caring for your newborn? You could take walks outside or do basic workouts at home. What can you do to eat healthily while juggling parental responsibilities? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from loved ones if you find cooking exhausting after the baby arrives. Try to keep socializing as best you can, as it can go a long way in boosting your emotional well-being. Meditation and yoga can also be good tools to help you process stress.

There are a lot of changes that come with parenthood. However, when you are expecting a child with a disability, your planning has to take into account much more than diapers and toys. By preparing now, you can focus on making this time one filled with happiness and excitement.

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